The EPSA Management Team is EPSA’s day-to-day decision-making body headed by the Chairman, with representation by the senior procurement managers from both of EPSA’s operating clusters (currently Asia and Australia), who are elected by the members.


Management Team

Chairman – Tony Ballard – Energy Queensland, Australia (AU – Ph: +61 7 4080 4749)

Secretary/Treasurer – Dearne Gow-Frawley – Energy Queensland, Australia (AU – Ph: +61 7 4080 4912)

Management Team Member – Michael Lau – CLP Hong Kong, China (Ph: +852 2678 8111)

Management Team Member – Paul Breden – ElectraNet, South Australia (AU –  Ph: +61 8 8404 7376)

Management Team Member – Troy Jackson – Western Power, Western Australia (AU –  Ph: +61 8 9326 7119)



Working Groups

EPSA Working Groups are formed to address specific issues and/or activities as identified by the network. Working Groups draw on the collective experience of the members and subject experts where appropriate.

Given the dynamic environment in which members of the EPSA network operate, Working Groups will change over time as new areas of interest emerge.

Current Workgroups (Status: open / on-going)
•  Performance Benchmarking & Procurement Transformation

Previous Workgroups (Status: closed/completed)
•  Supplier Management System & Technology Roadmap
•  Joint Factory Assessment
•  Contractors’ Health and Safety
•  Anti-corruption
•  Material and Service Forecasting
•  Performance Feedback
•  Training and Skill Development
•  Carbon Footprinting
•  Corporate Social Responsibility