A Message from the President

Tony Ballard

EPSA has undergone changes over the past two years in response to the need to become more relevant, as an Industry Assocation. The skill of our Executive Management Committee has been crucial in meeting the need for the change and the challenges that go with this. In 2018 the Energy Procurement Supply Association is poised to make significant inroads in what it offers to its members and their people however, it is also recognised that what the Association is seeking is to achieve is to rely heavily on the quality of the enagement of its members thoughout the year.

Through the EPSA network and its Working Groups, members learn from each other and share in the identification and development of tailored solutions. It is pleasing to see the EPSA Family growing with new members coming on board. I look forward to working with you all.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at admin@epsaonline.net


Tony Ballard
President of EPSA
General Manager Strategic Procurement,
Energy Queensland

Rules of Engagement Statement

EPSA's mission is to deliver quantifiable benefits to its members and suppliers through collaboration on supply chain processes. The members of the Group share information for the purposes of progressing EPSA activities towards this mission but in doing so all members are reminded that;

  1. The Group shall not do, cause to do or prevent any member from doing anything which would lead to a breach of the principles of fair competition as agreed under EPSA’s Model Rules - Constitution. The Group will not operate to take collective decisions concerning any supplier or contractor, and explicitly will not discuss pricing issues relating to suppliers or contractors.
  1. Each member is bound to protect the confidence of all confidential information of the other members, and of EPSA collectively, as set out in the Confidentiality Agreement to which all members are party. Each member will maintain a reasonable degree of care and diligence in protecting the confidence of such information, and will not disclose confidential information to non-members who are not party to the same terms of confidentiality.


What Our Members Say

Priya Veale (Horizon Power)

Today’s conference has given me the potential to tap into similar experiences across utilities through other like-minded people.

Paul Breden (ElectraNet)

Extreme weather events here in South Australia saw tremendous expertise offered by the EPSA membership that wouldn’t have otherwise been available.

S M Ho (CLP Power Hong Kong)

Deep and sincere appreciation to Andre’ and his team at Western power in bringing valuable conference to our members.

Michael Lau (CLP Power Hong Kong)

I will take away from today’s conference the valuable connections I’ve made, battery storage opportunities, plus worthwhile category management collaborations.

Jen Quigley (Energy Queensland)

Learning about new technologies, for example the award-winning Fugro Roames innovative surveillance technology, means EPSA members are kept updated.

Tony Venaglia (Stanwell Corporation)

Often we have the same problems, so we should share solutions with other members. I’ll be taking the solutions away with me from this valuable conference.

Thank you to our Sponsors & Guest Speakers

On behalf of the EPSA Management Team we would like to thank the below companies for their participation at the EPSA Adelaide Conference / Workshop event. This event was a great success and well received by our members in attendance. Thank you once again, your company’s participation is greatly appreciated and has definitely generated a lot of conversations for those members that were present.