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Assisting utilities with common challenges and issues...


EPSA assists with common challenges and issues in the energy supply chain / procurement space through sharing knowledge, connecting procurement professionals and showcasing procurement solutions from member organisations.  The insights gained through the collaborative approach by member organisations can be used to realise and implement important innovative solutions within their respective organisations.

Through networking with like-minded professionals, EPSA members attain proficiencies and share leadership qualities that add real value to EPSA outcomes.

EPSA is keen to pursue the development of emerging supply chain and procurement talent for the utility industry, including the support of scholarship and exchange programs within our membership.

Additionally, the networking opportunities that are made possible here in Australia and throughout Asia are invaluable in obtaining excellent intelligence, particularly in the manufacturing and utilities construction sectors.

In terms of commitment as a member;

  • We are seeking an active commitment and contribution to attend EPSA conferences where possible with your colleagues
  • When at conferences contribute to strategic and tactical discussions for the purpose of influencing positive sustainable procurement and supply outcomes
  • Contribute relevant helpful information to the members website where such information would be useful to other EPSA members
  • EPSA values its members opinions by inviting and encouraging participation and collaboration on all energy supply chain / procurement matters. EPSA acts on and assists with all views and advice on the future direction of the Association and uses this information to help inform the Strategic Plan.

  • Contribute to a strong effective network of industry experts both at conferences and through normal comms channels
  • Host an EPSA conference approximately every three years, with EPSA organisation and funding support.


Come join us and be at the leading edge of energy procurement supply innovation in the Asia Pacific region. Contact the Secretary via email at admin@epsaonline.net to enquire about membership today.

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About Membership