Energy Procurement Supply Association (EPSA)


Brings together supply chain / procurement managers from different utility companies operating in the Asia Pacific region for the purpose of creating tangible business benefits to members. This includes exploring best practice opportunities through the sharing of ideas and collaborating on supply chain management activities in the Asia Pacific region.

EPSA holds regular conferences / workshops, instigates workgroups on common issues and conducts qualitative and quantitative benchmarking. Moving forward, EPSA will be introducing programs that support the personal development of supply chain and procurement professionals within the industry.

Members also benefit from initiating simple surveys on contemporary issues, sharing information with best performers and collaborating at a regional cluster level.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Including constrained expenditure on capital works programmes, volatile commodity process / exchange rates, and maintaining the required focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility relative to price pressures.

The current environment represents many challenges for supply chain and procurement professionals. Through the collaboration that EPSA offers, members are able to support each other with strategy development, debate issues, develop sound commercial propositions and approaches that assist in our effectiveness as senior leaders within our respective organisations.

Through the EPSA network and its Working Groups, members learn from each other and share in the identification and development of tailored solutions. By working collaboratively, members have greater visibility of industry practices that can lead to reduced costs, time and risks for their individual organisations.

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