Rules of Engagement Statement


Read and Accept the Rules of Engagement Below

EPSA's mission is to deliver quantifiable benefits to its members and suppliers through collaboration on supply chain processes. The members of the Group share information for the purposes of progressing EPSA activities towards this mission but in doing so all members are reminded that;

  1. The Group shall not do, cause to do or prevent any member from doing anything which would lead to a breach of the principles of fair competition as agreed under EPSA’s Model Rules - Constitution. The Group will not operate to take collective decisions concerning any supplier or contractor, and explicitly will not discuss pricing issues relating to suppliers or contractors.
  2. Each member is bound to protect the confidence of all confidential information of the other members, and of EPSA collectively, as set out in the Confidentiality Agreement to which all members are party. Each member will maintain a reasonable degree of care and diligence in protecting the confidence of such information, and will not disclose confidential information to non-members who are not party to the same terms of confidentiality.

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