Energy Procurement Supply Association

(EPSA) Inc cordially invite you to participate in the Association’s Conferences held all over the Asia Pacific. The wealth of information and experience that is shared amongst EPSA members, who represent the foremost Energy Utility Organisations throughout this region, ensures all who attend benefit from these workshop/conferences. Members and Guest Speakers address key issues within their respective fields and the group networks on various cutting edge solutions that enhance energy procurement performance.

It is from these Mastermind Groups that other innovations and technologies arise.

Be inspired and take your Energy Procurement Supply business to the next level. PLACEHOLD your calendars NOW!

Upcoming Events

Conference Venue to be advised - Oct TBA

Conference Venue to be Advised - Oct 2022-2023

Conference Venue to be advised

Monthly Hot Topics

All AGM's will be held by Webinar

Management Team Meetings are held fortnightly

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