The Energy Procurement Supply Association (EPSA) is an Asia Pacific not-for-profit association that is made up of energy industry procurement and supply professionals. EPSA’s value proposition enables a collaborative environment where supply chain and procurement professionals support and learn from each other to address common business challenges. It brings together members and often prospective members to network and collaborate for the purpose of sharing and creating tangible, sustainable business benefits to their respective organisations. This includes exploring contemporary issues and best practice opportunities that drive and enable procurement and supply chain optimisation.

EPSA activities are managed and delivered largely through the voluntary work of the membership.

EPSA Membership spans the Asia Pacific region with members based in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and across most Australian States and Territories.

A Message from the President

As the President of Energy Procurement Supply Association (EPSA) I am excited to be leading the Industry Association that has grown in stature over the past couple of years. By bringing together the EPSA members and its Working Groups, members learn from each other and share in the identification and development of best practice opportunities that drive and enable procurement and supply chain optimisation. We will continue to offer great value for our current members, and we continue to grow with new members in the future. It is also recognised that to be successful, our Association relies heavily on the valued dedicated engagement of its members; I would like to thank and encourage members to continue building on all we have achieved to date.

The skill of our Executive Management Committee is strong, and we all look forward to working with you all.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at



President of EPSA
Manager Procurement and Shared Services
SA Power Networks


Meet the Team

Charlie Hollis

EPSA President | SA Power Networks - Manager Shared Services

Dearne Gow-Frawley

EPSA Secretary | Energy Queensland - Category Advisor Network Services

Mark Davis

EPSA Treasurer | Horizon Power - Category Lead

Courtney Joannidis


Matthew Rae

Beach Energy

Katie Collis

SA Power Networks

Dan Boulton

AusNet Services

Damian Dobaczewski

Essential Energy

William Wong

CLP Holdings