Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery


In early 2020, 6 members of EPSA formed a pilot working group to investigate opportunities for a joint approach to modern slavery compliance.

A central element of this approach was a standardised Supplier Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

At the conclusion of the pilot in September 2020, the findings were reviewed and a decision to progress with program roll-out was endorsed. Informed 365 were engaged to assist with this program.  Their digital tool acts as a single repository of our supplier modern slavery data obtained through the SAQ process, in addition to the provision of supplier modern slavery risk-rating capabilities.  The tool also provides support for the remediation and reporting needs of participating organisations. Currently 60% of the EPSA members are utilising this common tool, as we all work to execute our individual modern slavery compliance programs.


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By leveraging the experiences of our peer organisations, we are able to identify improvement opportunities in the common program, in addition to our individual organisation’s wider modern slavery compliance goals.  At its core, the Informed 365 process is also of benefit to our valued suppliers.  Single supplier response data can be accessed by multiple organisations, at the discretion of the supplier.  If this functionality is utilised, it provides great time-saving benefits to the supplier who will not need to complete numerous assessments for multiple customers.